I am slava

Do what you love - love what you do.
There is no such thing as coincidence, I believe in the law of attraction - you are in control of creating your own reality. Your own mind is the limit. Music is one of my biggest passions in life, but it's not the only thing, I'm grateful for having this experience as a whole and look forward to discovering and learning something every day. Patience, understanding, respect and perseverance will get you where you want to be.

Svjatoslav Presnyakov - Slava (1987) was born in Ukraine, but grew up in The Netherlands. He started to play the piano at the age of 10 and quickly realized his musical talents as 1 year later he was admitted to the Young Talents department at the Conservatory of Rotterdam.

After winning several 1st prizes at competitions between the age of 13 until 18 his international career as a pianist took off and he traveled the world (Europe, United States, Canada, North- and South Africa, India a.o.) performing concerts and receiving scholarships for masterclasses. Eventually he graduated his Bachelors at only 20 years old and obtained his Masters Degree at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2010.

After his studies Slava started an audiovisual production company together with his father Igor, which was mainly focused on producing videoclips, photography and recordings. The Youtube channel already started in 2007 but really started to take of in 2010 and currently reached 2.5M subscribers and 480M views spanning over 700 videos in total.

Slava discovered Psytrance in 2011 and was inspired to start producing this genre in 2016 and just one year later his debut EP Beethoven Reloaded was released, now totaling 20 EP's and singles at several international labels, which led to international performances at several festivals since 2017 with this project. His sound is a fusion between classical music influences and Progressive/Psytrance styles.